Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Candle wax is SUPER fun to play with...

That title has absolutely NO relevance to what I'm going to talk about. But it is a universally accepted truth (to quote Jane Austen) nonetheless. Its the little things in life...

Details, details, details... That's what planning is all about, right? KHF just had a board meeting going over all of these little 'details' for our big fundraiser coming up on September 16th. I'm beginning to get very excited; we've already got 17 rooms booked at the Holiday Inn nearby, people traveling to come to our event! We're solidifying sponsorships and silent auction items... we're going to have some REALLY neat packages available... I can't wait to reveal them! It's going to be a beautiful night. :)

Is it already the end of Tuesday? Where is the week going? I had better not get ahead of myself. It seems sometimes my weekends are busier than my week days... perhaps that is because much of the business of show business happens through social networking (not the online version), and most social events and lunch meetings happen on the weekends! This past one was indeed fun... Saturday I went shopping for a new dress last minute (at Nordstrom Rack, which I realized, is totally AWESOME) for the Melrose Place Premiere Party that evening. The event was sponsored by AT&T, so in place of a red carpet, there was a BLUE carpet (the whole event was company colors, blue and orange). A good friend of mine who works at CBS pretty much put together the entire event, and what a job well done! It was a super fun evening, outdoors on Melrose Ave... where else? Celebrity spotting, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz who has a role on the show was in attendance, and I'm sure others, but honestly I didn't look too hard. The food was beautiful and very tasty... they had sorbet for dessert served inside the rinds of real lemons, pineapples, and coconuts. No chocolate fountain, however, which made me kind of sad. The only bummer of the evening was that there was no dancing, which I realize at these parties, there usually isn't. But when they're playing Lady Gaga, and you're in a dress and heels, DUDE you just wanna dance! I danced by myself a little and probably looked ridiculous, but proved that you can have a whole ton of fun by yourself, no alcohol involved. :)

Earlier that day I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a few things, and after looking at the bill, realized why I don't shop at Whole Foods very often. Or at least, California Whole Foods'. You realize very quickly when you move to the big city just how AMAZING those midwest prices are. For everything. Seriously.

Sunday morning, I had the delight of one of the most beautiful church services... Well, the music at Hollywood Church is always awesome, so needless to say, the music was uplifting and GREAT. The sermon series the last few weeks has been about Heaven (which is always FUN)... and this final week was about our BODIES, and what they're going to look like, do, feel, in heaven; on the new earth. I won't go too much in depth, because I'm no theologian or pastor... but just the thought of living with God in a new, glorified body, free of any thought of acceptance, judgment, or restriction on that body was just incredibly enlightening. Of course, we can strive to feel that here on earth, but not every day will be perfect, and our world is still flawed, will always be flawed on the way it judges people based on outward appearance. Its amazing to think that one day we will live with God in perfect bodies that can go anywhere, do anything, glorifying God, forever and ever and ever. Dude. Heaven is SO worth that.

That afternoon I met a friend for lunch in Universal City... a friend who is also the CEO of a small record company. He introduced me to a wonderful producer and lyricist, they handed me a CD of three songs they had already written for me, and invited me to the recording studio to work the next day! I can't give away too many details, but I can say we put down one demo track, and I'll be back within the next few weeks laying down the others. Very exciting! God kind of just drops blessings into your lap sometimes, and while I've always loved music and wanted to pursue recording, I never imagine it would get started this soon! I'm just going to work hard and see what happens. I'll cross my fingers and let you know!

This is hilarious: So I was sitting on my balcony enjoying the sunny day today, when the loud rumbling of a waste truck passing by on Woodman Ave below me jolts me out of my otherwise peaceful thoughts. I look down, and its this big blue monstrosity... not your average green WM daily garbage truck... it was more of a big construction waste kind of truck. (Forgive me for not knowing the technical terms for these things.) What was FUNNY about this truck... was the name of the disposal company. I couldn't help but laugh as I saw it pass me... the emblem on the side, a four-pointed white crown, with company name printed in the middle: "Crown Disposal Co. Inc". I actually laughed out loud.... the 'lol' is appropriate to use here. I thought, "So that's the company that takes used crowns from has-beens." I guess if you're really sick of pageants and the last thing you want is to keep that silver sparkly thing around for future granddaughters to play dress up in, you call Crown Disposal Co., Inc. I guess that answers the question, too, of whether or not they're recyclable. Anyway... I laughed.

So tomorrow I have an audition for a co-star role on Melrose Place... should be interesting. Then it's business business business. Kind of wishing I was in Michigan for a very close family friend's wedding this weekend. But ah, that's life. I have a friend who works for the military in the desert out here in Cali who is coming to visit me, so that should keep my mind off of the matrimonial festivities that I'm otherwise missing. I love you, Bensch's! :)

With that, I'm going to watch an episode of LOST and go to sleep! Sweet dreams.

Can anyone recommend a good book? I'm looking for one...



  1. We'll miss you this weekend! Can't wait to see you soon :)

    Love you!

  2. Love the crown story! It should be a story for the pageants when you mc!

  3. Hey Kirsten!
    I know it's been awhile, but I stumbled across your blog through Facebook and started reading and anyways...I see that someone else already recommended this book, but The Shack is such a great book. I'm finishing it right now, and it's really spiritually challenging. It really makes you think! Hope all is well with you!

    Liz Haack :)

  4. "The Pursuit of God" by AW Tozer (Daddy-Oh) :-)