Friday, April 16, 2010

Eating Disorders Coalition Lobby Day 2010

3 more days left to register to lobby with the Eating Disorders Coalition! Join us in Washington D.C., April 26th and 27th as we demand that our congressmen and women recognize eating disorders as a public health priority! I'll see you there!

It is truly the most incredible experience, joining ranks with other survivors, activists, professionals, and policy experts to speak out for the recognition and eradication of this disease. I cannot tell you the self-worth and confidence that you feel after participating in a Lobby Day with the EDC. Speaking directly to Congressmen and Women, their staffers, and other individuals on the Hill is empowering, safe, and through the experience, you see how much our legislators actually DO care. This is your chance. Make your voice heard, and impact your world, your country, and the lives of so many. Join us, for Lobby Day 2010.

See you in Washington.

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